960725: provided missing declarations of get_id in two places (
in contigs.c, and in anomalies.c), detected by SGI compiler; other compilers
apparently failed to detect these because the get_id call appears in the
function call to another function.

960726: change to contig_revise (in nodes.c) to correct offsets of
align_entries, to allow for insertions and deletions in new contig
sequence with respect to old.  Previous version could result in
align_entries being incorrectly aligned against contig (in subsequent
call to align_reads _to_contigs), in cases where there were strong
biases in the insertion/deletion distribution -- occurred near end of
St. Louis BAC H_DJ515N1. Should only have affected very large contigs,
for which revision of contig resulted in large excess of insertion
corrections with respect to deletions (or vice versa).

960727: added ability to view qualities in phrapview. Changed format of .view file.
960728-31: Misc other changes to phrapview.